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Sometimes People Like Us!

6 Brilliant Web Series All the Cool Girls Are Watching
Made To Order is listed as a web series all the cool girls watch!  What?!  If you're one of the cool girls, please come be our friend in real life.



Afternoon Delight: Made To Order Delivers Absurdist Comedy Via Bushwick Babes
Decider calls us Bushwick Babes!  And says a bunch of other nice stuff about us and Made to Order! Thanks Decider!



'Made to Order' Is This Summer's Web Series To Watch
"What is most at play in every episode of Made to Order is just straight-up funny women being funny"
Thanks Flavorwire for this super great write up!



'Made to Order' the Perfect Counterpart to High Maintenance
We sit down with The Daily Dot and chat about frozen yogurt, cake pops that are named after poo and our picks for our last meal if we were on death row.  Hint: It's STEAK!



SBJM on Their Web Series, Women and Hitler
New York Observer interviewed us about Made to Order! Woo!
On Being Female Comedians in the Digital Age
GirlTalkHQ interviewed us on what it's like having vaginas, our thoughts on pussy cookies and so much more! 



Take a Bite Out of 'Made to Order' Pronto
Comedy Cake loves Made to Order!  And we love Comedy Cake! And regular cake!



IndieWire: July 2015 New & NoteworthyWomen
"The show's writing is fresh and the concept is already well-loved ("High Maintenance" comparisons have been drawn, of course), but the dynamic between comedians Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick is the true draw of the show."



Why You Should Never Start Your Own Food Delivery Service
Internect Action Force breaks it down.  Thanks for the shout out IAF!



Munchies Approved...Made To Order

"Leah Rudick and Katie Hartman are comedy queens with their wonderfully unique brand of comedy."


Thanks Munchies!  We're gonna send you some SNACKS!

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